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Come to Auto Radiator Service, Inc. for quality mechanic service you can trust.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Forever

General maintenance and repairs from Auto Radiator Service, Inc. helps you get the most out of your car.

Enhance Your Driving Experience

Specialty services including remote starters, back-up sensors, sound system installations and more.

50 Years of Auto Repair Service in Bangor, Maine

Trust our experience for general maintenance, repairs and upgrades for your car

Your car is important to you. Whether you're still savoring that new car smell or are still hanging on to your old, trusty pickup, come to Auto Radiator Service, Inc. for all of your auto repairs, general maintenance and upgrades. Our auto repair shop in Bangor, ME, has over 50 years of experience working with all types of cars and trucks. Best of all, we provide knowledgeable and honest service.

General auto repair in Bangor, Maine and surrounding areas

While there are simple ways to prolong the life of your car, you may not always have the time, tools, or expertise to keep your vehicle running in optimal condition. Whatever ails your vehicle, bring it in to Auto Radiator Service, Inc. for service from an honest, knowledgeable mechanic in Bangor, ME.
We specialize in:

Oil changes
Engine light diagnostics
Cooling system flushes and repairs
• AC repair
• Mechanical tune-ups
• Tire rotations
• Exhaust system maintenance and repairs
• Belt inspection and replacements
• Fuel injector and carburetor service
• Suspension, shocks and struts
• Electrical systems

Are you ready to enhance your driving experience?

Specialty auto products and installs in Bangor, ME

Maybe your vehicle is already running in tip-top shape but you're looking for an extra edge on the road. Auto Radiator Services, Inc. installs specialty products to enhance your driving experience and give you more to love in your car. Call or drive in today to explore the specialty options for your car, such as:

• Remote car starters (great for those cold mornings!)
• Keyless entry
• Power windows and doors
• Sound system installation
• Back-up sensors
• Back-up cameras

For the best in getting back on the road, staying there and enjoying the ride, come to Auto Radiator Service, Inc!

Five ways to keep your car running forever

With routine care and maintenance, you can keep that close bond you have with your car for many, many years. Follow this five simple tips for preserving your vehicle in optimal condition and come to Auto Radiator Service, Inc. for all your auto maintenance and repair services in Bangor, ME.

• Know and follow your vehicle's recommended service schedule. Having your vehicle routinely serviced for oil changes, brake inspections, belt inspections and other services according to your owner's manual is a great way to stay ahead of wear and tear.

• Check all fluids and tire pressure monthly. Whenever you go to fill-up, get in the habit of making a quick inspection of your vehicle. Routinely check all fluid levels, especially but not only the motor oil. Also routinely check tire pressure to maintain a consistent, smooth ride.

• Let your engine "warm-up." Not only does letting your vehicle idle for a minute or so help warm your interior in the icy Maine weather, it also allows oil cycle through your motor. Vehicles that have been sitting overnight or during the workday have little to no oil left on internal parts when you first start up.

• Pay attention to what your car tells you. Don't neglect that engine light or drive around wondering what "that noise" is. As soon as you notice something may be wrong with your vehicle, bring it to Auto Radiator Service, Inc. for diagnosis and auto repair.

• Drive safely and respect your vehicle. Safe, poised driving not only helps reduce the chances of getting into an accident, it also minimizes the daily wear and tear of your vehicle. Prolong the life of your brakes, tires, belts and other essential components with sound driving.

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