Stay Cool During the Summer

Stay Cool During the Summer

We offer car A/C repairs in Bangor, ME

Driving without air conditioning is brutal, especially during the hotter months. Auto Radiator Service Inc is the place to go if you need auto air conditioning repair service in Bangor, Maine. Our technicians are trained to take care of car A/C repairs efficiently. We'll get your vehicle repaired so you can get back on the road.

Are you struggling with your car's air conditioning? Make an appointment with us today by calling 207-942-4554.

Learn about our air conditioning services

Auto Radiator Service offers a wide range of auto air conditioning repair services. You can trust us to handle your...

  • Anti-freeze refills
  • Coolant refills and reservoir checks
  • Cooling fan repairs
  • Car A/C flush work
  • Pressure cap checks
  • Thermostat repairs
Simply bring your vehicle by our shop in Bangor, Maine ASAP. We'll take care of all your car A/C repairs.